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Researching for health: Topas develops standard for the calibration of PM sensors for particle concentrations

Fine dust sensors in a wide variety of applications must be calibrated to enable comparability of the results of the individual sensors. We have succeeded in doing this in the context of a research project funded by the EU in conjunction with the initiative "Europe promotes Saxony" of the ESF and the SAB Sächsische Aufbaubank. With the help of the newly developed ATM 234 aerosol generator, low dust concentrations at ambient air level can be generated in a time-stable manner. This enables us to offer this necessary standard for the calibration of PM sensors to a wide range of industries and customers: for example, for sensor applications in vehicle interiors, mobile phones, citizen science networks for air quality monitoring or in living spaces. More than two years of intensive research work have now been successfully completed, accompanied by several presentations on the current state of research at EAC 2020 & 2021 as well as ProcessNet 2021 and, last but not least, the valuable professional exchange with international manufacturers of PM sensors. Read more information on "A reference test system for PM sensors"

Photo of fine dust measurement in a large city, next to it a section of a scientific poster.