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The more than 28-years of experience and valuable ideas in the fields of product and test system development are reflected in more than 45 own patents and registered designs.

Current Developments

  • considerable high, infinitely variable dilution by one device (up to 1:100’000)
  • to be calibrated at factory for multiple flow rates between 28,3 l/min – 100 l/min
  • pressure drop compensation by implemented blower (active dilution)
  • controlled set point dilution and possibility of remote-controlled adjustment

  • stable aerosol generation even at lowest particle production rates
  • safe and reproducible adjustment of operating points
  • suitable for mobile operation (internal compressor, optional battery operation mode)
  • remote control via serial interface (optional)

  • Very high particle production rate (up to 1,5*10 11 per minute)
  • High long-term stability of aerosol generation (VDI guideline 3491, part 2)
  • Monodisperse particle size distribution with a low number of agglomerates
  • Excellent scalability of particle production rate
  • Leak test up to filter class U16 (filter format 610mm x 610mm, volume flow 600 m³ / h) within reasonable time



  • Simple and safe handling
  • Minimal amount of hazardous good (IPA)
  • Operation without power supply and pressurized air

  • stable aerosol generation even at lowest particle production rates
  • safe and reproducible adjustment of operating points
  • low noise operation via compressed air or other technical inert-gases (e.g.: N2, CO2)
  • remote control via serial interface (optional)

  • Fast and constant saturation of the air with IPA
  • Integrated suction and flushing of the chamber
  • Minimal use of IPA (250ml per filter)
  • Certification of security level by accredited certification bodies

  • Free configuration of target filter efficiency
  • Customized filter adapter for different small HEPA filter elements, easy to change (5 min)
  • Compact test system design
  • High degree of automation for minimum operator interactions
  • Designed for 24/7 production operation
  • Fast cycle time (30 s) for short test time per filter

  • Modernization of test rigs
  • Development of components
  • Customized solutions
  • Implementation and co-operation on research projects

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