Filter Test Stands / Complete Filters
ISO 5011

ABP 115 - Air Intake Filter Test System

The Engine Filter Test Rig ABP 115 performs tests according to guideline ISO 5011 (test of inlet air cleaning filters for internal combustion engines) and ISO 10263 . Results are:

  • Differential pressure related to air flow rate:
    • Differential pressure of the filter
    • Restriction (relative pressure against ambient)
  • Dust loading capacity (related to differential pressure increase, e.g. 20 hPa)
  • Gravimetric efficiency



  • Powerful two-stage generation of the volume flow
  • Precise flow rate measurement with adjustment for every application (ISO 5011, ISO 10263)
  • Regulated dust dosing
  • High grade of automation, mostly automated test runs with complete operator guiding, data handling and protocols
  • Tests of engine intake filters according to standard ISO 5011 and ISO 10263
  • Tests according to customer-specific standards

Many optional components are available for the filter test system:

  • Stablization vessel with different connection flages
  • Additional pressure sensors to measure complete air inlet systems
  • Water injection system and water separators
  • Particle measurement
  • Universal panel filter holder
  • Dust Feeder SAG 410 for soot
Air flow rate 2 – 50 m³/min
20 °C, 1013 hPa
Differential pressure max. 150 hPa (2.15 psi) at test sample
Loading dust ISO 12103-1 A2 (AC fine),
ISO 12103-1 A4 (AC coarse)
Compressed air supply 6 bar
Power supply 400 VAC, 125 A