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Emery -Aerosol Liquid for Atomizer

Emery is a test liquid for generating reference aerosols and can be purchased in 1l and 5l amounts.


  • acceptance of cleanrooms
  • inspection of air filter
Name Synfluid® PAO 4 cSt
Synonyms: Polyalphaolefin, PAO
CAS-No. PAO 4 – 1-Decene, homopolymer, hydrogenated (68037-01-4, 500-183-1)
Molecular formulal UVCB
Form, Physical State, Color, Odor Liquid, Clear, Colorless, Odorless
Vapor pressure 1,70 MMHG
Flashpoint 219 °C (426 °F)
Autoignition temperature 343 °C (649 °F)
Boiling point/boiling range 414 °C (777 °F)