Aerosol Spectrometer / Particle Counter / Photometer
ISO 16890
EN 779

LAP 340/L - Laser Aerosol Particle Counter

Using the LAP 340/L single particle scattered light counter, low-concentration aerosols – gaseous samples containing gas-borne particles – are analysed in terms of particle number and size.

Optical particle counters are used for quality control in filter production and optimisation. The requirements for the measuring instrument arise mostly from the applied standards and directives. The particle counter is characterised by a wide measuring range (0.2 – 10 µm) and a high measuring volume flow of 2.83 l/min. Compared to aerosol spectrometers, the LAP 340/L enables efficient analysis of large sample volumes. The particle counter is designed for stationary and mobile use.

  • good counting statistics due to the high measuring volume flow rate
  • wide particle size measuring range with 16 configurable particle size classes
  • application-oriented calibration function
  • integration into complex test systems possible
  • filter tests and air filter testing in accordance with ISO 16890-2, ASHRAE 52.2, EN 779
  • determination of fractional efficiencies of filter media, filters and separators
  • emission measurements of vacuum cleaners and air cleaners
  • workplace measurements
  • data acquisition software: PAFWin
  • dilution system DIL 545
  • measuring instrument case
  • aerosol tubing ¼“

For testing gaseous samples with particles, the measuring device sucks in a sampling volume flow of 2,83 l/min via an internal pump. The entire sample is fed into the measuring cell and exposed to light from a laser diode. A photodetector detects the light scattered by the particles. The signals are processed and classified into different classes according to the pulse height. A calibration function is used to correlate the pulse height classes to the respective particle size. Based on the number of signals, the number of particles in the examined sample is determined.

flow generation vacuum pump
number of size classes 16, configurable
measuring range 0,2…10 µm
max. measuring concentration ~70/cm³
display and control LCD display,
operable via 19 keys
measuring modes single measurement
continuous measurement
measuring and pause time 1 (or 0) s…99 h
Computer interface RS 232 C (V. 24)
power supply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz,
(115 V AC on request)
dimensions (w × d × h) 410 × 280 × 180 mm
weight 10 kg
normative references ISO 16890-2, EN 779, ASHRAE 52.2