Liquid Nebulizer / Aerosol Generators
ISO CD 20564

LDG 244 - Large Droplet Generator

For special applications requiring large oil amounts the Large Droplet Generator LDG 244 for dosing coarse disperse oils (subject to utility model protection) was developed as an attachment for the Oil Mist Separator Test Rig SPT 140. The LDG 244 is especially suitable for simulating gushes of oil and wall film respectively. By means of a heated single medium nozzle oil droplets with an extremely large diameter and at an substantially higher mass output compared with the performance parameters of the Oil Mist Generator ATM 243 can be generated. Different oils can be used. An additional control unit enables a standalone operation of the generator independently of the Oil Mist Separator Test System SPT 140.
  • Generates coarse polydisperse test aerosol with a mean particle size of 50 – 100 µm
  • Very high particle mass flow within the range of 50 – 2000 g/h
  • Very high aerosol particle concentration
  • Adjustable and regulated aerosol temperature (max. 120 °C)
  • Testing of oil mist separators
  • Capacity tests of filters
  • Simulation of wall film and oil gush effects
  • Research & Development


Control unit in order to independently control the generator – regulating the heater temperature
and controlling the nozzle, webbased controlable via Ethernet interface

The throughput oil mass flow is adjusted by impulse operation of the single-substance nozzle. The nozzle is opened and closed periodically in short intervals, the lengths of which varying according to the desired mass flow. For further transport of the aerosol, an additional airflow at the nozzle outlet is required. The droplet size distribution can be effected by pressure and temperature of the engine oil upstream the spray nozzle and by the dosing range of the valve.

Particle material
Engine oil
Mass flow
50 … 2000 g/h
Particle size
d50,3=50…100 µm
Aerosol flow rate
Depends on the test system,
e.g. with SPT 140 up to 300 l/h
Temperature range
Room temperature … 120 °C
Nozzle switching
2 Hz … 75 Hz
Nozzle pulse length
5 ms … 20 ms
Filling amount
0.5 l … 2 l
Max. operating pressure
600 kPa (6 bar)
Power supply
100 … 240 V AC
(only required for
optional control unit)