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VDI 2083

SYS 525 -Sampling System for Pressure Lines

Topas developed the Sampling System for Pressure Lines SYS 525 for a representative sampling and pressure uncoupling from pressure vessels at medium pressures up to 8 bar. The isokinetic taken sample is modified only marginal.
The design and configuration of of the sample extraction system complies with requirements of guideline VDI 2083/7.

In some applications it is necessary to analyse gas in pressure lines or pressure-vessels. Part of it are analyses  of chemical and physical composition and of content of particles in gases. Because of the specifications of common measuring devices that are often not made for sampling from pressure vessels, the use of a suitable sample extraction system is required, like the SYS 525.

  • Pressure uncoupling between measuring point and measuring device
  • Isokinetic and isoaxial sampling
  • Battery-operation possible (9-15 V)
  • Device display for observation and control of isokinetics

The sampling system SYS 525 places sample volume flow at the disposal of analysing device (e.g. the Airborne Particle Counter LAP 340) and realises the necessary pressure uncoupling.
The total volume flow of 28,3 l/min is taken out of the pressure line. In a second step a sample volume flow of 28.3 l/min is taken isoaxial and isokinetic.
The pressure uncoupling is made before the isokinetic sampling via a micro dosing valve.
Correct sampling is realised by measuring the total volume flow with a sensor and by the special probe design and configuration.
If the total volume flow deviates from setpoint of sample flow of particle counter the sampling system gives notice to the user via display. By adjusting the volume flow at the sampling system SYS 525 the isokinetic can be reset.

Power supply 12 VDC (with AC adapter)
AC adapter 90…264 VAC / 12 VDC
Inlet pressure minimum 1 bar, maximum 8 bar
Outlet volume flow 28.3 l/min
Allowed gases air, nitrogen, helium
Tolerance range for isokinetics of sampling ± 7 %
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm
270  x 200  x 150
Weight 1.5 kg