Renaissance of Porosimetry

Pore size measurements are state of the art since decades. It provides pore structure analysis for various applications in the field of filtration, hygiene and tissue engineering, whereas final product properties can be correlated to mechanical sample structure. Pore Size Meter PSM 165 is providing information on bubble point as well as full pore size distribution data in a size range of 0,2 up to 250 microns and also air permeability. Filter papers, non-woven & woven materials and other porous media are analysed in customised sample holders or with an open sample holder for manual bubble point measurements. Their data is finally transferred via the fully automated test procedure. We are providing this technology to a global customer base since more than 20 years and have realized since last year a significant increase in demand for the unique PSM 165. This is related to strongly increased filter media characterisation, for personal protection as well as for indoor air cleaning. Parallel to this it is also driven by new mobility concepts such as e-mobility and fuel cell technology. This illustrates the increased activities that we are very excited to support with our expertise in the field of material analysis. Talk to us!