Topas Revue Spring & Summer 2020

In the last few weeks most of us have fortunately returned to everyday life a little bit. Many positive things have happened with TOPAS since then, and we would like to keep you posted on the latest developments.

Despite the corona crisis, we have hired many new employees and are proud that our team has grown by 8% since the beginning of the year.  In May, TOPAS was awarded the German research seal “INNOVATIVE THROUGH RESEARCH” by the Stifterverband Wissenschaftsstatistik on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which we are very pleased about. Now that overseas deliveries are possible again, we were finally able to supply our customers from China with their ordered filter test systems ALF 114 and AFS 150 in June. In the past months we have been working together with many innovative companies and research institutions to find solutions concerning the corona crisis and are pleased about the partnerships that have been established and the results achieved. Research activities with artificial saliva or the support of a surgical team in detecting the leakage of dangerous bioaerosols during laparoscopic operations are only two examples. We are particularly pleased about the market launch of the new Variable Dilution System VDS 562, which is currently delivered to the first customers in Switzerland, Romania and Germany. It has been developed to reduce highly concentrated aerosols to an analytically suitable concentration level in a single device without external clean air supply and almost without pressure loss. Last but not least, we received a quite extraordinary offer for one of our first innovations, the Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 225: Our customer ibs tecnomara had left us his still fully functional model from 1995 for our company archive. We are happy about this nice proof of the durability of our products and thank you for this offering.

With all this good news from our company we wish you, your colleagues and your families best health and a pleasant holiday season 2020.