Topas working status Update

Dear business partners and friends. First of all we hope all of you are doing well in this completely new critical global situation due to Covid-19.
Current situation for Germany: companies are open, but shutdown of schools and almost all public life.

Current situation for Topas: production is going on and we are able to receive and deliver equipments to customers. This is not affected by current border closing. For most of our standard products our standard delivery times can be assured. Filter test systems are quoted with standard delivery times as well. In some single cases or for certain projects delivery delays will have to be considered due to relevant engineering or production people have to stay at home indefinitely. These delays will be communicated individually.

Email and phone availability is assured by Topas headquarter as well as colleagues working from homeoffice. For the time being any company visits or test system installations will have to be postponed.

We are wishing good health to you, your colleagues and your families.