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Testing mask media

In focus: product development and production checking of media for face masks

Face masks have arrived on the scene and will remain part of our lives in the future, regardless of acute pandemics. Their manufacturers and the producers of the necessary filter media rely on strict quality controls.





We have developed a practical table-top technology combination for them, based on our many years of expertise in the field of aerosol technology instrumentation: the FMS 374 filter efficiency measurement system determines the separation efficiency of filter media, especially mask filter media. It combines established series instruments from our core competences of aerosol generation, aerosol dilution, and particle size/concentration determination with Topas’s own FMS 374Win control software. Adapter plates for different masks are part of the modular system and ensure high flexibility for the supplier. Further advantages of the filter media test setup are its easy handling with manual sample switching as well as speed and cost savings in the characterisation of filter media. In addition to this manual measuring system, we also offer the MBP 116 filter media test system and the AFC 13x series.



Our technical solution

AFC 132

AFC132 Test System for characterisation of filter media and small filter elements

Filter Media Test Rig AFC 132, front side
detail view