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Our passion: aerosols.

Our Claim: We develop aerosol technologies. For you.

Our enthusiasm is for aerosols and everything that has to do with them. We are specialists in the field of particle technology, especially in aerosol technology. We generate, measure, and condition aerosols and are responsible for the development, manufacture and worldwide export of devices and complete test systems. Our company video gives you a first brief impression.


“I can’t hedge against everything. What we do isn’t possible without an entrepreneurial willingness to take risks.”

Dr. Andreas Rudolph, co-founder of Topas GmbH

Our motto: Cautious growth in the field of our core competence

From the very beginning, we have focused on diversification and a strong partner network. Individual solutions and service for every product are our priority. Our innovations are protected by numerous patents and make us a technological leader in this field. We continue to research in order to provide our customers with the best possible support for their tasks. For more than 30 years, these have included the air-conditioning and cleanroom industries, the automotive industry and a large number of research institutes. We develop new ideas with and through them – this is how customer benefit is created through innovation. Our consulting services are particularly valued – not only with regard to new products, but also for measuring and testing tasks that customers ask us to perform. Whether developer, consultant, organiser – the employees of Topas are qualified, motivated and creative and thus our most important asset.

With us, you can expect the highest product quality and metrological know-how in every technology used. And our products, all of them “developed, designed and manufactured in Germany,” simply work. For all of these reasons, we are one of the leading companies in the industry: not only in Germany, but worldwide.


Responsibility: Topas for the environment and for our employees

We want to help make the world a better place by taking responsibility for our products, the environment, and our employees, as well as by behaving fairly towards our customers. What does responsibility mean for us in concrete terms?


Sustainability in Action

  • For our customers. With our innovative measurement technology, we support a wide range of industries in the development and production of sustainable products and processes. Here, we think of filter optimisation, with which energy and material can be saved; air quality improvement through versatile and optimal filter use from cars to hoovers or the area of medical technology, in which we help to improve the quality of life and health.
  • From production to packaging to disposal. In the production of our measuring instruments and test equipment, we pay attention to reusable, environmentally friendly packaging. Our cardboard recycling machine, which converts discarded cardboard into environmentally friendly filling compound, is particularly helpful. For test equipment, we have developed a reusable cabinet packaging that accompanies our equipment throughout the entire production cycle until delivery to the customer. In accordance with the RoHS Directive, we undertake not to use any harmful substances in our measuring instruments and test equipment. And we also demand this from our international partners. We offer to accept our customers old equipment and dispose of it professionally, free of charge.

For the environment. Our new company building, inaugurated in 2019, meets the current requirements for environmentally friendly and energy-optimised construction. New trees were also planted in the process. More than 70 per cent of the energy required is generated by the 600 square metre solar modules on the roofs themselves. The main building's roof is greened in summer and thus an important carbon dioxide reservoir in the urban environment. The rainwater infiltration system ensures more plant growth and groundwater recharge. The formerly contaminated soil at the construction location was cleaned in a very complex and cost-intensive process and thus returned to use as a construction site. Furthermore, wherever possible, we work with regional suppliers.

In day-to-day working life. Topas supports the conversation of resources. Thanks to the laboratory verification that our drinking water is flawless, our employees can skip the purchase of bottled water without a second thought. Last but not least, we make sure that our offices are as paperless and resource-saving as possible.

Social commitment

  • Customer satisfaction as a first priority. We perform research and development for our customers and do not put short-term profitability ahead of our values. The result is top performance and quality at serious prices. In a family-run, mid-sized company, even that is possible.
  • Continuity. Nothing is discarded with us – we keep technologies alive and conserve resources. One example is the AFC QC HEPA media test stand, which we are now building in the 7th generation and whose further development has always been based on customer requests for innovations.

  • A family-friendly company. It is no coincidence that our company headquarters are located in Dresden. We love our charming home city and our central location within it – easily accessible for our employees by bus, train, car or bicycle. Flex-time and part-time models and opportunities to work from home are efforts we make to offer Topas employees the best possible work-life balance. That Dresden has a long tradition as a centre of “particle research” is simply the icing on the cake.

  • Respect As an internationally active company, tolerance and respect are a natural part of our corporate mission. We respect and value every person regardless of their gender, origin, ethnology or religion.


Good to know

We care.

Our most important goals are the development of innovative solutions and the implementation of customer requirements to their satisfaction. In the future, we would like to be even more of a problem solver for our customers - as a developer, manufacturer and distributor of advanced technologies.