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Scanning of 3d filter dimensions by means of collaborative robotics

From the current state of the art HEPA and ULPA filters are classified by its integral and local filtration efficiency. Local efficiency measurement…

SEM image, next to it a photo of the event room, ATM228 and FCS249 in the foreground, headline of the Leipzig Dust Measuring Methods expert discussion

Dust measurement for the Blue Angel

How do you measure dust in small combustion plants in practice? How does metrological traceability work? And what role does the calibration of…

Researcher from behind, in front of her PC and devices, magnifying glass above the monitor, title Knowledge Transfer

Exciting new website feature: Knowledge for everyone

What could be better than sharing things with each other? For this reason, we are now sharing our expertise with all readers in the brand-new website…

Fog generator with large cloud of fog against a black background, product name CFG 291 at the front

No downtime with the new CFG 291

Quick, simple, practical, and user-friendly: our new CFG 291 fog generator is well engineered and offers a wide range of benefits. The low-pulse fog…

Measurement diagram against a dark aerosol background, title Scientific Publication

Fluctuation analysis: New measurement method for aerosols presented

How can highly concentrated aerosols be characterised using single particle light scattering? This challenging question is answered in the current…

People shaking hands, flags USA and Germany, stone with Welcome to Minnesota, title Topas goes America

America, here we come!

The time has come: with Topas Inc. we are venturing across the pond and opening our first foreign subsidiary in the North American market. Topas…




Houston, USA


EAC - European Aerosol Conference

Tampere, Finland



Cologne, Germany

Hall 8 - Booth E76

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What was going on at Topas last quarter?

What new technologies have we been working on recently? At which trade fairs were our experts on the road? Were there any new publications in scientific journals? You can read all this and more in TOPics, our quarterly newsletter.