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Testing of safety cabinets

The energy efficient, smaller variant of a cleanroom – the safety cabinet – is subject to equally demanding checks as a process room. As a leading manufacturer of precision instruments, Topas offers a comprehensive and high-quality product range for acceptance measurements (filter integrity tests, flow visualisations) of entire rooms as well as spatially delimited safety cabinets.

For flow visualisations or filter integrity tests for your safety cabinets, take advantage of our state-of-the-art cleanroom equipment set, its sensible design and optimised as well as mobile operation.


Good to know

Topas uses a number-based measurement with optical particle counters (OPC) instead of mass-based photometer measurements for the filter leak test.

With the particle counter method, the smallest leak in the filter can be detected. In addition, less filter loading with test aerosol is necessary because the optical single particle counter already used in the classification procedure is much more sensitive than the integrally working photometer. Topas follows the normative recommendation with this methodology.


Our technology solution

ADD 536

Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536 for protection grade measurements in operating rooms according to DIN 1946-4

Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536, front view
detail view

ATM 226

ATM 226 Atomizer Aerosol Generator for aerosol generation from liquids for mobile use (e.g. cleanroom acceptance measurement), integrated compressor

Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 226, front view
detail view

ATM 228

Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 228 for aerosol generation from liquids for mobile use, integrated compressor, pneumitic-controlled, remote controllable

Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 228 for cleanroom validation, frontside
detail view

LAP 340

Optical Particle Counter LAP 340 for analysis of particle size distributions and particle concentrations in aerosols, best for cleanroom applications

Laser Aerosol Particle Counter LAP 340, front view
detail view


OPQ-Win software for acceptance testing of operating theatres according to DIN 1946-4

software for protection factor measurement  OPQWin
detail view