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Training and business hand in hand

As part of the Topas Campus, we offer young people with a passion for our industry interesting prospects and a wide variety of opportunities for collaboration. Doctoral and other students who would like to gain work experience as a part of their minor, bachelor’s, master’s, diploma or doctoral thesis are very welcome. Working on site with us will help you obtain information from specialist departments and interview partners more easily. Completing a technical or professional internship at Topas is also an exciting way to get a taste of practical experience, develop skills and make contacts. School students can get to know us on various action days or through a varied school internship. As a strong training partner, we are also in demand in the areas of further training, retraining, and technician training.


We want young talent

We are always looking for new colleagues. For people who have the same passion for aerosols as we do. Who like to measure and test and who want to overcome technological challenges and find solutions together as a team. This is why we founded the Topas Campus and bundled our diverse educational offerings under this umbrella. Here, young people can get a taste of practical experience together with our experts and implement their own ideas. Of course, financial aspects also play a role. We offer interns and retrainees appropriate remuneration. All those who want to follow part of their educational path with us can expect modern working conditions and colleagues who always have an open ear for young people.


Mentoring: Who can help me if I want to apply or have questions about the content?

Two Topases help as technical contact persons with all content-relating questions concerning doctoral or diploma theses as well as internship content.

If you have questions about scholarships or training, our personnel department is the best place for your questions. Colleagues will also forward your questions to the technical mentors. Contact them by email or phone: stopspam_ef79839c9bb35447a73420f0d359fc7e  +49(351)21664430. Please also send your application directly to our Human Resources Management. If there are any questions, please feel free to call. We look forward to talking to you about the various possibilities for cooperation.




Promoting young talent in concrete terms

We pass knowledge on: to school pupils, to trainees, to students and to postgraduates. You will find information on the individual education packages, application requirements and illustrative practical examples in the three education sections. We would be happy if your interest could turn into a shared project.



Looking over the shoulder

What does a glassblower do at a technology-oriented company? What different kinds of engineers are needed here? What does the working day of a mechatronics engineer look like? Under the heading “Jobs at Topas”  we present the exciting jobs that could be waiting for you.


Good to know

Future under control

What does knowledge transfer and a possible career start mean with us? We provide insights into exciting professional practice and technical issues. We present interesting job profiles or provide concrete support for research work. Several diploma theses have resulted in permanent employment and various freelance cooperations. In the school sector, we are pleased about many challenging internships, various vacation jobs, and our committed participation in the project “Genialsozial” by students from Saxon secondary schools. We have been successful in several practical training or retraining projects. One student stayed with us after her compulsory student internship and has since become a permanent student assistant in the Research & Development department in parallel to her studies. We have also supported various models of industrial doctorates. In addition, we organize events with universities such as the Freiberg Student Day or give guest lectures at universities. We continue to be open to new cooperation formats between higher education, training, and industry and look forward to meeting you!