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Testing gas turbine filters

Gas turbines are usually located where the weather is harsher. They are exposed to water, dust and salt on a daily basis, and corrosion and rust are the consequences. The aim of the upstream filters is to clean the intake air of particles, especially salt, and to protect the gas turbines. For this purpose, we have developed the GTS 114 Gas Turbine Filter Test System, which tests gas turbine filters according to ISO 29461, ISO 16890 (EN 779) and ASHRAE 52.2.





Adapted to the real conditions of these heat engines, the innovative Topas test system offers filter manufacturers the following solutions:

  • High maximum volume flow (11.000 m³/h)
  • Injection of water and humidity (analogous to spray water)
  • Dispensing of salt (analogous to salt aerosols)
  • Feeding dust (analogous to dust aerosols)
  • Injection of steam to generate humidity > 95%
  • Fresh air as well as mixed and recirculated air operation to efficiently achieve the various operating parameters.

The special GTS114Win test system control and data acquisition & evaluation software provides pre-automated test procedures and is an essential part of the test system.

Gut zu wissen

Development history made by Topas

We never stop developing for our customers and the development of the test system for general air filters, ALF 114, into a test system for gas turbine filters, the GTS 114, is a good example of this. The ALF 114 already had special gas turbine filter holders. However, we were not satisfied with how closely this system mimicked reality. So, the GTS 114 gas turbine filter test rig also incorporates the special climatic conditions present on site, such as high humidity (steam), water droplets, salt particles or dust, or a much higher volume flow into the test routines. This means that the GTS can, in addition to performing the already more common tests of ISO 16890, also perform the extended test routines contained in ISO 29461, emulating the challenging operating conditions of gas turbine filters in different regions.

In the summer of 2021, we were able to deliver the first GTS 114 Gas Turbine Filter Test System to a Turkish filter manufacturer - a good opportunity for them to optimize their product development under largely real conditions.

Our technology solution

GTS 114

Test System GTS 114 for testing air intake filter systems for rotary machinery (ISO 29461)

Gas Turbine Filter Test System GTS 114, front view
detail view

ALF 114

ALF 114 filter test system for general air filters according to ISO 16890, EN 779, ASHRAE 52.2

Overall view of the General Air Filter Test System ALF 114
detail view