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University and business hand in hand

As a student of a STEM subject, are you looking for an internship or would you like to write your thesis at a technology leader? Do you want to actively work on today’s issues at a company that thinks sustainably? With us, you can choose from a wide range of fields of activity. You will benefit from direct cooperation with the Research & Development department, you can participate in the development of new products or realize your own ideas using our high technology. We are open to your new approaches to solutions and support the potential hiring of successful students. Join us in tackling current problems in the fields of environment & climate protection, automotive development, or medical progress!


Completing a technical or professional internship at Topas is an exciting opportunity to get a taste of practical experience, develop skills and make contacts. Within the scope of technical internships, you will get an overview of the development and production of Topas devices or their internal control modules and can gain a lot of practical experience. This is true of both compulsory internships and orientation internships after graduation.

Work tasks during a specialized internship at Topas:

  • Collaboration on the development of a calibration device for measurement technology for the particulate emission testing (measurement of the number of particles during the exhaust emission test / detection of defective particulate filters):
    • Creation and documentation of an initial device design based on existing prototypes, catalog of measures for the revision of existing subassemblies
    • Construction of prototypes
    • Development of a control concept including electrical wiring

Students who would like to gain their first work experience with us as part of their Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or minor theses are very welcome. Working with us on site will help you obtain information from specialist departments and interview partners more easily.

Diploma thesis topics which were supervised by us:

  • Application-optimized generation of aerosols from powdery heaps (dust)
  • Investigation of a dilution system for use as a reference system in a test rig for penetration measurement
  • Concept for adaption and further development of the organization of work in a growing company
  • Offered to:
    • Students (university, specialized institute of higher education)
  • Field of study: STEM subjects; others upon request
  • Application documents:
    • Letter of application
    • Certificate of enrollment
    • Résumé / C.V.
    • Transcripts
    • If applicable, internship contract from the faculty of the university
Theory meets practice

Students from the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences visit Topas

Students of environmental bioprocess engineering at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences took the opportunity to look over the shoulders of Dresden companies from their field at the end of the winter semester. At our company, they learned interesting facts about the functioning of a medium-sized company in a niche industry, the wide range of products and the variety of professions that can be found at Topas. Process engineer Daniel Göhler, who is in charge of the Science division in Sales, was on hand to answer questions for just under two hours and gave the group a tour of Topas headquarters and the adjacent Technical Innovation Center (TIC).

Passing the aerosol laboratories and the glass workshop of the in-house glass apparatus manufacturer at TIC, the tour continued to the creative rooms of the researchers and developers of the aerosol specialist. From there, the students had a unique view from the gallery into the former production and now newly designed presentation hall of the Topas Academy. Here, various test benches installed for demonstration purposes, such as the ALF 114 air filter test bench or a PAF 113 automotive cabin air filter system (particle filtration/gas adsorption) could be closely examined. It was particularly exciting for the students when devices for aerosol generation from liquids and solids were explained to them in the showroom in detail. The operation of a SAG 410 dust disperser was demonstrated and everyone was allowed to try their hand and see for themselves the low weight of mobile devices such as the ATM 228 aerosol generator or the DIL 554 dilution system. The short lesson on the generation and conditioning of aerosols perfectly complemented their introductory lecture on mechanical process engineering.

Before the practical, things got informative in another way: Daniel Göhler also guided the group and their professor Dr.-Ing. Felix Krujatz through the Topas headquarters and left (almost) no room out of the visit. The young people were able to see modern offices, a chic sun terrace and spacious lounges for themselves, as well as experience the team spirit that is lived in Topas daily. They peered into the rooms of the many engineers, said “hello” in sales and marketing, and marveled in the production hall at the various test systems that were being assembled, accepted, or prepared for transport. Interesting and sometimes surprising where the explanations of real applications in particle measurement technology – concrete practice as a counterpart to the lecture hall. Daniel Göhler explained other important fields of activity at Topas, such as service, in the production equipment manufacturing department and in the calibration laboratory, and in many places the students were able to gain brief insights into everyday working life.

We didn’t quite manage the big task of explaining aerosol competence in 60 minutes. But no one wanted to miss the opportunity to experience practice and answer questions, so everyone listened to the explanations until the end. For us, it was also once again exciting to introduce our company and its philosophy to the future generation of employees. If you are interested in further events of this kind for university students, please get in contact with us.