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Testing hospital operating theatres

Hospitals, validation service providers, and hospital hygienists rely on our products - whether for the initial acceptance of their operating theatres or for regular inspections. In the medical field, the standards DIN 1946-4 and SWKI 99-3 refer to protection level and recovery time measurements for A and B class operating rooms. The DIN 1946-4:2008 standard “Ventilation and air conditioning – Part 4: Ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings and rooms of healthcare” describes, among other things, the protection factor measurement in operating theatres, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Adoption of the German guideline VDI 2167 or the guideline SWKI VA105-01 (formerly SWKI 99-3) of the Swiss Association of Building Services Engineers.
  • Determination of the protective effect with load application from inside and outside
  • Consideration of flow bodies (operating table, operating light, dummies) and their thermal loads

Use our technology for standard-compliant testing.



    Good to know

    Topas technology can multitask

    The advantage of the ADD 536 aerosol distribution and dilution system is that it realises aerosol distribution as well as aerosol dilution at the same time. Only the aerosol generator to be used and the particle counter required for the source strength measurement have to be connected to this unit. With the OPQWin device control and data acquisition software, the recording of a measurement log is guaranteed, which is absolutely necessary for the documentation of the test. Recently, our expert accompanied a measurement service provider from the Hygiene-Institut Mainfranken GmbH in its tests to determine the degree of protection of the room class Ia operating theatres in a hospital in Potsdam. Three different scenarios were used to test whether both the patient under laminar flow and the surgeon himself are protected. In the process, the ATM 226 Atomizer Aerosol Generator generates the contamination, the ADD 536 Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ensures the distribution of aerosols in the operating theatre, and the LAP 340 Laser Aerosol Particle Counter handles the subsequent particle measurement.

    Our technology solution

    ADD 536

    Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536 for protection grade measurements in operating rooms according to DIN 1946-4

    Aerosol Distribution and Dilution System ADD 536, front view
    detail view

    ATM 226

    ATM 226 Atomizer Aerosol Generator for aerosol generation from liquids for mobile use (e.g. cleanroom acceptance measurement), integrated compressor

    Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 226, front view
    detail view

    ATM 228

    Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 228 for aerosol generation from liquids for mobile use, integrated compressor, pneumitic-controlled, remote controllable

    Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 228 for cleanroom validation, frontside
    detail view

    LAP 340

    Optical Particle Counter LAP 340 for analysis of particle size distributions and particle concentrations in aerosols, best for cleanroom applications

    Laser Aerosol Particle Counter LAP 340, front view
    detail view


    OPQ-Win software for acceptance testing of operating theatres according to DIN 1946-4

    software for protection factor measurement  OPQWin
    detail view