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References and congratulations

For 30 years, technology-oriented particle, analysis and sensor systems have been developed, designed and manufactured under the name Topas. During this time, we have met many people with the same passion for aerosols and particles who are now long-standing customers and partners. We are pleased about the congratulations of many companions on the occasion of our company anniversary and about every further encouragement that reaches us in our daily work. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you place in us.



Dear all at Topas, Congratulations to the first successful 30 years in business! I also wish you the best in the future.



We are glad to work and cooperate with TOPAS almost since 22 years and hope we will improve our cooperation in the future.



Nach fast 30 Jahren unserer erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit, möchte ich von Herzen danken für die professionelle Unterstützung, sowohl in banalen Fragen, als auch in hochkomplexen wissenschaftlichen Problemlösungen. Und natürlich möchte ich mich auch für die Möglichkeit bedanken, dass ich eure Produkte testen und weiterverkaufen durfte und darf. In all den Jahren habt ihr mich durch die Qualität eurer Produkte und Liefertreue immer unterstützt, meinen Kunden ein „rundumSorglos“ Paket anbieten zu können.

"After almost 30 years of our successful cooperation, I would like to thank you sincerely for your professional support, both in mundane questions and in highly complex scientific problem solving. And of course, I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to test and resell your products. Throughout the years, you have always supported me with the quality of your products and delivery reliability to be able to offer my customers an "all-round carefree" package."

Die IHK Dresden gratuliert ganz herzlich zu 30 Jahren Firmengeschichte und wünschen für die Zukunft allzeit gute Geschäfte und zufriedene Kunden.

"The Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce congratulates the company on its 30-year history and wishes good business and satisfied customers for the years to come."






The excellent cooperation between TSI and Topas extended onto having great bilateral internships. Personally, I am very grateful that my son was given the opportunity to experience the great work and family atmosphere at Topas in Dresden last summer.


More than 10 years ago I was facing a challenging new project with a German customer. I asked Topas if we could team up to serve the customer’s needs by offering a complete solution together. We put together a great proposal that pleased the customer, and have realized a large number of projects like this since. I really appreciate the relationship with the people at Topas, which makes it feel like we are working within the same company. It is great to rely on a partner that also always fosters a passion for the customer.


Already since 1995, TSI has had the pleasure of working with Topas in the global Marketing & Sales of high-end aerosol products and advanced filter test solutions. Over the years, Topas has grown to become an industry leader in the air filter testing market and a very important business partner for TSI. Today, Topas is a highly respected company that is strong due to its high-quality products, superb German Engineering, and continuous innovation. Many congratulations to everyone at Topas on your 30th company anniversary! We are looking forward to many more years of our successful cooperation!


Mit der Firma TOPAS verbinden sich viele interessante Entwicklungen für Luftfilterprüfstände und in der Partikelmesstechnik. Der Anspruch war dabei immer, nicht nur etwas gemeinsam zu machen, sondern, dass am Ende der Entwicklung ein verkaufsfähiges Produkt steht. Das galt Ende der 90er Jahre schon für die Kfz- Innenraumfilterprüfstände genauso, wie bei aktuellen Projekt- Ideen. Prägend war und ist immer das partnerschaftliche Verhältnis der Mitarbeiter von ILK und TOPAS untereinander, vor allem auch im Sinne der Endkunden, denen schlussendlich eine perfekte Lösung geboten werden soll. Dafür sind wir sehr dankbar, freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit in der nächsten Dekade und wünschen der Firma TOPAS weiterhin eine glückliche Hand beim Aufspüren aktueller Trends und stets volle Auftragsbücher.

"Many interesting developments for air filter test benches and in particle measurement technology are associated with TOPAS. The aim has always been not only to do something together, but also to have a saleable product at the end of the development. At the end of the 90s, this was already true for the automotive cabin air filter test benches as well as for current project ideas. The cooperative relationship between the employees of ILK and TOPAS has always been and will continue to be characteristic, especially in the interest of the end customers, who should ultimately be offered a perfect solution. We are very grateful for this, look forward to further cooperation in the next decade and wish TOPAS much success in detecting current trends and always full order books."


值此TOPAS公司30岁华诞,我仅代表Aero-Tech向TOPAS表达真挚的祝福!祝愿TOPAS在未来的日子里不忘初心(Focus on Aerosol & Filtration)、踔厉奋发,继续书写自己的传奇!!!

On behalf of Aero-Tech, I would like to extend my best wishes to TOPAS on the occasion of its 30th birthday! May TOPAS continue to write its own legacy in the years to come by keeping its focus on Aerosol & Filtration in mind!