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Efficiency measurement

In order to adequately characterise filter media, a large number of parameters is tested:

  • Differential pressure behaviour
  • Gravimetric separation efficiency
  • Fractional collection efficiency
  • Dust loading capacity

In this area, our technologies test filter media in accordance with the standards ISO 16890, ISO 29463, ISO 5011, VDI 3926, ISO 11057, DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11155-1.



Our technology solutions: approved technology in Topas filter media test rigs

Filter media test system MBP 116

  • Vertical test channel design
  • Simple & robust design with a high degree of automation
  • Low-cost and manual handling possible

Filter media test rig AFC 132

  • Horizontal test channel design
  • High degree of automation
  • Use of different aerosols and particle measuring systems possible
  • Customised universal test system


Good to know

For customers who already own other filter testing systems from our company:

Filter media can also be tested with nearly every filter testing system (PAF 11x, ALF 114, AFS 150, ABP 115, SPT 140). For filter media evaluation, the
AFS 153  media tester can be integrated into your existing filter testing system as a retrofit set. This is a good investment for, e.g. incoming goods inspections. Contact us if you have any questions.


Our technical solution

AFC 132

AFC132 Test System for characterisation of filter media and small filter elements

Filter Media Test Rig AFC 132, front side
detail view

MBP 116

MBP 116 Test System for multiple parameter testing at filter media, space-saving design by vertical-orientated flow channel

Filter Media Test System MBP 116, front view
detail view