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Further education

Training and business hand in hand

Are you looking for new professional opportunities and aiming for retraining? Have you completed your training and would like to know different industries through internships before starting your career? We offer a wide range of training and retraining programs. Get to know us, the experts for aerosols, in a very practical way that suits your current training situation.


  • Retraining in the field of mechatronics, mechanics, electronics (up to max. 1 year)
  • Technician training (internship to work on a thesis) in the technical-scientific field (4 years, on the job)
  • Orientation internships after vocational training in the technical-scientific field (3 weeks)
  • Offered to: trainees and skilled workers
  • Field:
    • Technical/scientific field
    • Mechatronics
    • Mechanics
    • Electronics
  • Application documents:
    • Application
    • Résumé / C.V.
    • Certificate(s)
    • If applicable, contract with education institution in accordance with training regulation
    • If applicable, cooperation agreement between education institution and Topas
    • If applicable, employment contract with Topas