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Testing of cleanable filter media

Cleanable filter media are used in processes with high dust concentrations. In order to prevent the filter from being loaded too quickly, surface filtration is implemented in combination with cyclical back-pulse cleaning. The development goal of such media is to minimise dust accumulation for maximum service life. With the filter test systems AFC 131 and AFC 133 for air filter media, corresponding filter tests can be carried out in accordance with various international standards.


The following characteristics are tested to describe the cleanable filter media:

  • Differential pressure behaviour
  • Gravimetric separation efficiency
  • Loading capacity of the filter
  • Assessment of dust accumulation based on differential pressure behaviour during artificial ageing of the filter medium
  • Clean gas concentration


Our software for your testing facilities is versatile

The Window PAFWin test stand control and data acquisition and evaluation software, developed by Topas, makes it easy to handle the system and ensures the performance of exact and reproducible tests. The operator is guided through the test and all basic information is available, even in expert mode.


Our technical solution

AFC 131

AFC 131 Test System for characterisation of cleanable filter media acc. VDI 3926-2

Filter Media Test System AFC 131 front view
detail view

AFC 133

AFC 133 Test System for characterisation of cleanable filter media according to ISO 11057

Cleanable Filter Media Test System AFC 133, front view
detail view