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You are looking for reliable technology that generates test aerosols according to certain standards and to your specifications? You are looking for measuring instruments and test systems that will last for many years and test both filters and filter media accurately and quickly? You are looking for the highest precision, because you work in a clean room? Or, you care about quality assurance, health and safety concerns?

No matter what industry you come from: we know that regular testing of filters and filter media, the implementation of diverse tests for medical applications or test and acceptance measurements of cleanrooms and safety cabinets can only be managed with technology that you trust one hundred percent. We guarantee this for all TOPAS products. As well as reliable and regular service to ensure the smooth functioning of all your devices from our company, as well.

Across all industries, we provide you with series devices and test systems with which you can communicate safety to your customers. And if you have a completely new application or need a function that does not yet exist? Then we look forward to tackling your task and developing a solution from Topas together with you, just as we have been doing since 1991. Special test systems or old test benches that are retrofitted and made ready for further use are also part of our range of services. Talk to us and discover what the developers, engineers, and mechanics at Topas can do for you.

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Our products are used for basic research and industrial applications and cover almost the entire range of aerosol and particle technology. In the field of aerosol technology analyses and air filter testing, they have demonstrated their value through worldwide implementation. For more than three decades, aerosol generators, dilution systems and particle counters from Topas have been essential components for clean room measurement technology, in the field of pharmacy and toxicology, for visualization and measurement of flows, in the field of occupational health and safety, for environmental measurements and in the increasingly important field of indoor air conditioning. We successfully meet quality-oriented tests of filters and separators in the automotive industry with a wide range of filtration test equipment and blow-by measurement technology. Through active participation in various standardization committees and research projects, we actively contribute to global, specialist discussions in the fields of aerosol technology and filter testing.The topic of the worldwide Corona/ SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is an area of research that we have supported and will continue to support as an active member of the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung e.V. (Society for Aerosol Research) (GAeF) to contribute to the containment of global infectious events.