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Our field of operation

Since more than 30 years, technology-oriented particle, analysis and sensor systems have been developed, designed and manufactured under the name Topas. They can be used to generate, condition and analyse test and reference aerosols. In addition, more than 60 series devices and 20 test systems of our medium-sized Saxon company have been widely used and proven for the classification and testing of filters and filter media in worldwide industry and basic research for decades.



Applications for our products


Not at all nebulous: the new CFG 291 fog generator offers cleanroom experts clear advantages

Cleanroom service providers take note: the new CFG 291 fog generator produces highly visible, standing fog for visualizing air flows in accordance with the lS0 14644 series of standards or the VDI 2083-3 guideline. Quick, simple, and user-friendly, it scores with a number of advantages. The low-pulse mist introduction into the existing room flow with a special outflow probe is based on the real test requirements of our customers. Lengthy interruptions are a matter of the past thanks to easily replaceable, commercially available rechargeable batteries. Even the vaporizer cartridge can be replaced independently on site. The CFG 291 is operated with our non-toxic fog fluid TopFog Regular and Light for initial acceptance and routine inspections of cleanroom systems. Further information can be found in the product brochure.



Challenge excepted

Finally taking part again - three enthusiastic TOPas teams ran in the 15th Rewe Team Challenge in Dresden amidst over 27,000 other participants. It…

It's the age that counts! Trade-in campaign up to 20 % discount for your old aerosol generator

Sustainability is a necessity for the future. The Topas GmbH would like to contribute to this once more by trade-in campaign that runs until 31st of…

A great opportunity to build contacts in Turkey

Turkey has always been an important market for us. The 5th Turkish-Saxon Cooperation Forum in Chemnitz yesterday, to which the Fraunhofer IWU invited…



ETH Nanoparticle Conference

Zurich, Switzerland


EAC - European Aerosol Conference

Tampere, Finland



Cologne, Germany

Hall 8 - Booth E76

A glimpse into our work

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Since 1999, the quality management of Topas GmbH has been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


The BSFZ seal is exclusively provided to companies that carry out research and development within the meaning of the "Forschungszulagengesetz" (act on research grants). We have received it for the "Development of a novel method for signal evaluation and processing for optical aerosol spectrometers".


Technical Innovation Center

Best conditions for your own tests in our premises

In the Topas TIC, our Technical Innovation Center, the doors are open to you: Get an impression on state-of-the-art filter test systems, carry out your own measurements at your air filter products and learn more about the key performance parameters of your product. Qualify your products yourself this way. In addition, training, e.g., for new operators on these systems, can also be provided by experienced Topas engineers. In the recently opened home of the Topas Academy, place of activity of our developers and researchers, modern training rooms and demonstration and measurement technology are available for your projects. Please contact us or read more at Technical Innovation Center & Topas-Academy!