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Since 30 years, technology-oriented particle, analysis and sensor systems have been developed, designed and manufactured under the name Topas. They can be used to generate, condition and analyse test and reference aerosols. In addition, more than 60 series devices and 20 test systems of our medium-sized Saxon company have been widely used and proven for the classification and testing of filters and filter media in worldwide industry and basic research for decades.



Applications for our products


Our passion: aerosols.

Discover many exciting stories and previously unknown anecdotes from the 30-year company history in the anniversary year 2022/23. 

PART 4: Pictures say more than a thousand words - our anniversary party

PART 3: Mineral meets technology

PART 2: Topas founder answer questions

PART 1: Curious facts & figures from 30 years Topas


GPF filter is inserted into filter element test rig for 100% production control

Highly efficient: 100% production control of air filters

In the field of process or exhaust air filters, quality requirements still continue to rise. 100% percent is more in demand than ever and presents us…

Visitors to the Topas Academy in front of test benches

International Sales Workshop at Topas

As an internationally operating company with an export quota of 75%, our sales and service partners are a particularly important pillar. So, it was…

DIN member sign on Topas company building

Active in standardisation committees

Each application requires different national, regional and international standards and guidelines. We design our test systems and equipment to be…



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Since 1999, the quality management of Topas GmbH has been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.



Children become experts: Topas explains the world of aerosols

Our enthusiasm belongs to aerosols and everything that has to do with it. We told the pupils of a Dresden primary school about our passion. In four exciting research lessons, the enthusiasm for aerosols was quite noticeable in the classroom. What exactly is an aerosol? What shapes and sizes can be found? And in accordance with the current situation: How many viruses on top of each other add up to a Lego man? The children of class 2b approached these captivating questions playfully: with the help of the overhead projector, dust became visible in the classroom. Exciting experiments with the particle counter, various fabric samples and the much sought-after fog generator visualised the effects of masks and proper ventilation. And in the school playground, the children themselves became particles. In the end, everyone agreed: Aerosols are part of our lives - they just must not become too much. And when dangerous viruses are involved, proper ventilation and the right face mask can help. We couldn't have imagined better praise than Merten's sentence at the end of the research class: "That was the craziest lesson for a long time!” Same for us, Merten!