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Testing general indoor air filters

Common ventilation systems as well as mobile air purifiers provide clean air, free of or low in particles such as pollen or dust. The air filters they contain generally have a good degree of separation, which is sufficient wherever cleanroom conditions are not required. With the ALF 114 general air filter test system, general air filters are tested according to ISO 16890 for the following test routines:





Our customers – filter manufacturers from all over the world – use Topas testing systems during production. Whether 100% or random sample testing – you receive proof of your filters’ quality. The testing system is combined with the conditioning chamber TDC 584 test discharge cabinet. The task of the discharge chamber is the neutralisation of filters according to ISO 16890-4. This innovation was nominated for the futureSax Saxon State Prize for Innovation in 2017.


Good to know

Topas passes Round Robin test with flying colours

Under the direction of the IUTA (Intitute for Energy and Environmental Technology), Topas supported the evaluation of the ISO 16890 standard as a member of the project committee. The conformity of the ALF 114 Topas filter test rig with the standard was impressively demonstrated in this interlaboratory test (Literature: Schuldt, T.; Däuber, E.; Engelke, T. & Schmidt, F.: Air filters for indoor enviornments: Interlaboratory evaluation of the new international filter testing standard ISO 16890. Indoor Air, 2020, 30, 3, 473-480.doi 10.1111/ina. 12660) with 11 participating institutions. It is no coincidence that today almost all major filter manufacturers are equipped with the ALF 114. Since 2004, we have developed and installed more than 40 of these test benches for international customers. We are proud of this.



Our technology solution

ALF 114

ALF 114 filter test system for general air filters according to ISO 16890, EN 779, ASHRAE 52.2

Overall view of the General Air Filter Test System ALF 114
detail view

LAP 340/L

Optical Particle Counter LAP 340/L for analysis of particle size distributions and particle concentrations in aerosols, best for filter testing (2,83 L/min)

Laser Aerosol Particle Counter LAP 340, front view
detail view

SAG 440

Solid Aerosol Generator SAG 440 for aerosol generation from powders, belt dosing, best for ASHRAE dust (for ASHRAE 52.2, ISO 16890-3, EN 779)

ASHRAE Dust Disperser SAG 440, front view
detail view

TDC 584

Conditioning cabinet TDC 584 to discharge air filter and air filter media by isopropanol vapor according to ISO 16890-4

test discharge cabinet TDC 584 /ATEX, front view
detail view

TDC 585

Conditioning chamber TDC 585 to discharge air filter media by isopropanol vapor according to ISO 16890-4

Test Discharge Chamber TDC 585 frontside
detail view