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TDC 585

Conditioning chamber TDC 585 to discharge air filter media by isopropanol vapor according to ISO 16890-4

The harmonised testing standard ISO 16890-4 requires the conditioning of the test filter with vaporized isopropyl alcohol (IPA). To ensure high quality of these filter elements and for further development such conditioning may also be necessary for the filter media which are the basis for this products. For this purpose the conditioning chamber TDC 585 was developed. It is especially suitable for the conditioning of small filter elements and filter media.
Test Discharge Chamber TDC 585 frontside
The product development results from the preceding Topas innovation TDC 584, the conditioning cabinet for complete filter elements. As filter media are significantly smaller, for the conditioning of these filter media a smaller conditioning volume is necessary. This also lowers the safety hazard. The safe operation of the conditioning chamber TDC 585 is also confirmed by an external safety report. However to fulfill this, it must be placed under an ATEX compliant fume hood.


ISO 16890-4
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  • simple and safe handling
  • minimal amount of hazardous good (IPA)
  • operation without power supply and pressurized air


  • neutralisation of filter media in compliance with ISO 16890-4

For the conditioning the test pieces are put into an Isopropanol saturated atmosphere for several hours. After inserting the test pieces, the chamber is closed and liquid IPA is filled in, which forms a film on the ground and evaporates at laboratory conditions. The test piece remains in this atmosphere for several hours until the remaining liquid IPA is drained into a bottle and the cover of the chamber is opened under an extraction hood.

Parameter title Unit Value
sample condition, outlet - electrostatic neutralised filter medium
purpose of use - electrostatic neutralisation of filter media
sample condition, inlet - filter media with unknown charge condition
operating medium, filter - filter media, small filter elements
operating medium, liquid - isopropanol
dimensions, chamber (w × h × d) mm 240 × 45 × 480
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 270 × 282 × 550
weight kg 8,0

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TDC 584

Conditioning cabinet TD 584 to discharge air filter and air filter media by isopropanol vapor according to ISO 16890-4

test discharge cabinet TDC 584 /ATEX, front view
detail view