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Technical Innovation Center & Topas-Academy

Cordially welcome in the Technical Innovation Center!

At the TIC, our Technical Innovation Center, the doors are open to you: Conduct feasibility studies with various device systems and your own measurements on our test benches and learn more about the key performance indicators of your product. Since summer 2022 our Technical Innovation Centre (TIC) is ready for exciting projects and many guests after more than two years of reconstruction. On the upper floor, the 10-person development department is dedicated to new technological challenges. One floor below, aerosol experts find their laboratories and the glass apparatus manufacturer his spacious workshop. In the light-flooded hall, various demo test benches such as PAF 112 for molecular filter testing, ALF 114 Filter Test System or AFS 150 Automated Filter Scanner, offer customers the best conditions for on-site training, demonstration and testing purposes. In addition, series equipment can be demonstrated in two show and presentation rooms of the Topas Academy. It offers state-of-the-art conditions for webinars and on-site-trainings for sales partners from more than 30 countries as well as for smaller groups or individual appointments with our customers.



We qualify our worldwide resellers and service partners

As part of the Topas Academy, we share our knowledge with our customers and partners, talk about current trends and promote networking. One focus is on the regular training of our international sales and service partners. During the trainings in the Technical Innovation Center (TIC) Topas experts teach theoretical basics in a contemporary hybrid event format and demonstrate the functionality of our technologies on devices and test systems via video or on site.


Customer training - perfectly tailored to your needs

Selected customer visits for in-depth discussion of corresponding tasks have been part of our customer communication from the very beginning. Now we also offer customers more in-depth training and explain our technology in person. How measurement results are generated, how accurately the systems measure, and what quality criteria the customer can then define are all part of these events. We can train you and your employees here in Dresden. You would like to participate or have suggestions for training topics? Write or call us for the training course.


We pass knowledge on.

So that you know what we are concerned with

Key topics of webinars

  • Technologies for the generation of reference aerosols
  • Aerosol conditioning: sampling and sample transport
  • Aerosol conditioning: modification of defined aerosol properties
  • Hands-on: deices for aerosol generation and conditioning
  • Characterization of filter media for personal protection
  • Instrumentation and test systems for automotive emission control
  • Exhaust emission testing of vehicles/Field Calibration System FCS 249
  • Calibration and service at Topas
  • Hands on: cleanroom set and equipment for aerosol generation and conditioning
  • Hands on: automotive cabin filter test system, filter scan test system, filter media test rig, filter element test system, air filter test rig
Good to know

Sharing knowledge – a matter of course for us

We work closely with universities and scientific institutions and associations. In many scientific publications Topas employees are leading authors. We actively support universities (e.g. TU Dresden, TU Freiberg, Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz) and scientific institutes as lecturers and participate in numerous project-related committees. The sharing of knowledge has been a concern of ours for more than 30 years, to which we want to devote ourselves increasingly within the framework of our Topas Academy.