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PAF 112 Test System

The PAF 112 Filter Test System for gas adsorption/desorption of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2)

The PAF 112 Adsorption Test Stand for air filters for passenger compartments is used for quantification of adsorption capacity or desorption behaviour of filters.
Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 112, frontal viewCabin Air Filter Test System PAF 112, frontal view
Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 112, frontal viewCabin Air Filter Test System PAF 112, frontal view
The design of the PAF 112 Adsorption Test Stand, the test procedure and data acquisition have been based on the draft standard DIN 71460-2 and ISO 11155-2 standard for measuring the dynamic gas adsorption.

The test section and associated ductwork are fabricated from stainless steel. Different sizes of filter media samples and elements can be tested and are mounted in a special adapter. A window in front of the test section allows visual observation of the sample during the test. A pair of mass flow controllers is used for dosing gaseous components from gas cylinders and a new, sophisticated, dosing unit for liquid gas components has been developed specifically for this application. This is based on evaporation of a droplet spray atomized by means of a two-stream nozzle fed from a µl-dosing pump. The gas concentration can be measured downstream of the filter. An exhaust system bypassing the test channel facilitates maintaining a very stable gas dosing.

Test acc. to standards DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11155-1 can be carried out using Topas Particle Filtration Test Rig PAF 111.

For filter tests both acc. to standards DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1 and E DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2 Topas has designed filter test rig PAF 113 combining all features of test rigs PAF 111 and PAF 112.


DIN 71460-2
ISO 11155-2
ISO 10121-1
ISO 10121-2
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  • operator is guided through test routines
  • modular system and instrumentation
  • versatile
  • standard compliant testing of filter elements and filter media

Integral parts of test procedures

- Differential-Pressure measurement
- Adsortion tests according standard ISO 11155-2 (DIN 71460-2)
- Adsorption/Desorption measurement
- user-defined test procedures

Parameter titleUnitValue
test flow rate m³/h 70 ... 700
measuring range, differential pressure Pa 0 ... 1000
test gases - n-Butane 80 ppm (C4H10), toluene 80 ppm (C6H5CH3), sulphur dioxide 30ppm (SO2), ammonia 30 ppm (NH3), nitrogen (purging)
power supply - 3 x 230 VAC, 16 A
dimension of test specimen mm max. 300 × 600
gas analysers - hydrocarbons with FID, sulfur oxides with NDIR, nitrogen oxides with CLD
sensors, others - temperature, relative humidity, absolut pressure
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 1800 × 2500 × 1100
  • test channel and rig
  • gas dosing system
  • exhaust system
  • flowmeter
  • gas analyser
  • sensors
  • test stand control software

Silimar products

PAF 111

PAF 111 test system for testing particle separation of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1)

Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 111, front view
detail view

PAF 113

PAF 113 Test System for both particle separation and gas absorption/desorption of of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-1/2, ISO 11155-1/2)

detail view