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PAF 111 Test System

PAF 111 test system for testing particle separation of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1)

With the test system for cabin air filters acc. to DIN 71460-1 (particle filtration) all relevant filter performance parameters such as differential pressure drop, gravimetric or fractional filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity are determined.
Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 111, front view
Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 111, front view
The setup and configuration of the test system as well as the required test procedures are described in the standards DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11155-1 for motor vehicle passenger compartment particle filtration.

Tests acc. to standards DIN 71460-2 and ISO 11155-2 can be carried out using PAF 112 test system for adsorptive cabin air filters.

For filter tests acc. to standards DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1 and DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2 Topas has designed PAF 113 filter test system combining all features of test systems PAF 111 and PAF 112.


DIN 71460-1
ISO 11155-1
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  • standard compliant testing of filter elements and filter media
  • modular setup and instrumentation
  • design on different flow rate and differential pressure ranges
  • high degree of automation
  • traceable test documentation


  • differential pressure test
  • analysis of fractional separation efficiency
  • dust loading tests
  • combined analyses according to DIN 71460-1 (ISO/TS 11155-1)
  • customised tests
Parameter titleUnitValue
test flow rate m³/h 70 ... 700 (higher flow rates on request)
measuring range, differential pressure Pa 0 ... 1000
operating medium, gas/air - compressed air supply bar 6
power supply -
dimension of test specimen - max. 300 × 600
aerosol generation technology - dust disperser SAG 410/L, Atomizer ATM 220
aerosol conditioning technology - Electrical Aerosol Neutralizer EAN 581
aerosol measurement technology - LAP 323 aerosol spectrometer
sensors - differential pressure, absolute pressure, temperature, relative humidity
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 4600 × 3400 × 1200

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PAF 112

The PAF 112 Filter Test System for gas adsorption/desorption of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2)

Cabin Air Filter Test System PAF 112, frontal view
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PAF 113 Test System for both particle separation and gas absorption/desorption of of air filters for passenger compartments (DIN 71460-1/2, ISO 11155-1/2)

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