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AFC 131 Test System

AFC 131 Test System for characterisation of cleanable filter media acc. VDI 3926-2

Testing of filter media is important for the development and optimisation of filter materials as well as for quality assurance during the production process.
Filter Media Test System AFC 131 front view
Most interesting parameters for filter media characterisation are:

- differential pressure drop
- gravimetric separation efficiency
- particle size dependent filtration efficiency
- dust loading capacity

For these tasks Topas developed the AFC 131 Filter Media Test System which facilitates filter tests in accordance with guideline VDI 3926 exemplary embodiment 2 and ASTM D6830-02, but can also be used for other tests. Separation efficiency and dust loading tests on basis of the general requirements of ISO 16890, EN 779, DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1 and ISO 5011 can be performed in small scale.Due to its compact and lightweight design this test rig can be used in the laboratory.


VDI 3926-2
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  • use of different aerosols possible (solid and droplet aerosols)
  • standardised filter testing with alumina oxide (e.g.: Pural NF)
  • automated testing procedure over 14 hours without intervention by operator
  • flexible design enables fast modification and future addons
  • operatir-friendly control software PAFWin


Parameter titleUnitValue
test flow rate m³/h 2 ... 64
measuring range, differential pressure Pa
duration of pressure pulse ms 50 ... 150
pressure tank capacity bar 2 ... 6
dimension of test specimen mm diameter ≤ 150
power supply - 3 × 400 V AC, 16 A
operating medium, aerosol substance - Pural-NF, Pural-SB, DEHS
sensors, others - temperature, relative humidity
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 2800 × 1500 × 800
weight kg approx. 120
  • Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 220
  • Solid materials disperser SAG 410
  • Aerosol Dilution System DIL 550
  • Aerosol Spectrometer LAP 322
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