Control and Data Acquisition for Devices and Test Stands
Aerosol Spectrometer / Particle Counter / Photometer

PASWin - Particle Analysis Software

The Particle Analyzing Software PASWin has been developed for particle measuring devices and analyzes particle size distributions of dispersed materials in liquids and gases and runs under Windows.

The comfortable software supports several particle measuring devices:

  • Laser Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometers of series LAP 322
  • Clean Room Particle Counter series LAP 340
  • Liquid Particle Counter of series FAS 362
  • Other particle measuring devices of external manufacturers

By means of the calculation base and calibration functions it is possible to determine various particle size distributions and their integral parameters. The won information can be displayed graphically (monitor, printer) or tabularly (monitor, printer, data file).

Particle size distribution analysis and presentation

  • Distributive and cumulative particle distribution function, rated by number, surface area, volume, in the whole measuring range or just in a freely selectable intagration range with variable channel resolution
  • User defined particle size range for display, with linear or logarithmic scale
  • Integral distribution parameters: mean arithmetic and geometric diameter with standard deviation, modal values and x10, x16, x50, x84, x90-values, Sauter-diameter dST, volume specific surface area AO/V, distribution moments M1;0, M2;0, M3;0
  • LNVT distribution
  • calculation of number and mass concentrations related to cm3, l, cf and m3
  • Distribution diagramm over channel number
  • Easy data transfer via DDE to excel, graphically or tabular printouts, Windows clipboard

Measurement procedure control and particle counter device control

  • Device control for several particle counters (aerosols, liquids, via dynamic link libraries = DLL-concept)
  • Transparent and user-editable polynomial and discrete calibration
  • Recalibration of existing measuring data
  • Background correction function
  • Continuous, repeating or single measurement selectable
  • Automatic and continuous data recording by integrated data logger
  • Automatic or manual measurement of fractional efficiencies for user-friendly determination of deposition characteristics with extensive statistical evaluation of conficence interval (optional)
  • Control of a sample switching unit (SYS520) – manually/automatically – together with an installed aerosol spectrometer of series LAP
  • Integration of a micro balance for determination of mass concentrations together with an installed liquid particle counter of series FAS
  • Multilingual  skin (German, English, French)
  • Large online help and user manual


  • Determination of particle size distributions
  • Display of measured curves and trends using the data logger
  • Comparison of particle size and concentration measurements
  • Determination of separation efficiencies, for example, for the filter characterization