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Thinking in three dimensions

… at #HEPA filter scanning. After our first AFS151 installation was successfully done, we are now looking for new challenges in further education of our “Robi”. As we have full access and skills to its programming any #3d filter dimension can be scanned for leak detection as well as local and integral efficiency. Means we make ISO 29463-4 annex F obsolete. Scanning of planar filters can be done too, even at its sides, which helps to find potential production problems. Scanner setup can be done with an optical particle counter technology approved on HEPA filter scanning by Topas since 2002. And here are further options implementing a SMPS system or CPC’s for R&D purposes.

We are excited: Please share your comments which 3d filter dimensions would be of typical interest.

Test bench with robot arm, next to it V-bank, cartridge and oval filters, caption "3D scanning"