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A TOP solution for everyone: second-hand test benches

Especially for research institutes and service providers, second-hand test benches at a reduced budget are an economically reasonable option. Why is this possible with us? Some of our customers are dealing with new tasks, entire industries are being restructured or are moving to other regions, sometimes to other continents. Some of the test systems are only needed for limited project durations. Under these circumstances, our testing equipment is no longer needed in the relevant production facilities, but is still fully operational. With life cycles of up to 20 years, Topas testing systems are among the most durable in the industry. We calibrate the used systems and provide them with new certificates. All Topas parts come with a new warranty. A second use, for example in research, instead of the often-practiced scrapping is therefore a perfect win-win situation: high-quality technology at low cost for the second customer, fair residual value instead of expensive disposal for the first customer. And in terms of sustainability, we are all winners.  Contact us for more information on available options!