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Device Support

Our services for your devices

We aim to provide the quality of service that brings customers back. We stay in touch with our customers and provide the best possible service package for all Topas products.

Your equipment is in excellent hands with us. Regular maintenance ensures safe and functional operation as well as compliance with locally applicable laws and regulations. After receipt, your devices are first checked for proper functioning. If there is nothing to complain about, our colleagues issue the corresponding test certificate. If any deviations are found, we carry out a calibration and also confirm this with a certificate. A prior visual inspection and the replacement of individual spare and wear parts are components of the device maintenance. Contact us for an appointment for an all-round check of your equipment.

If the measuring instruments are used to safeguard quality management tasks, their annual or periodic inspection and calibration must generally be verified. The device acceptance / calibration is carried out by our specialists on one of our acceptance test benches in our in-house calibration laboratory. All internal reference measuring equipment is subject to our test equipment monitoring in accordance.

We guarantee the proper functioning of the devices and equipment delivered by us. The warranty period is 12 months from receipt of the delivery at the place of destination (see GTC). In the event of a repair of Topas equipment, we shall carry it out on our premises. In addition, we are always interested in accommodating arrangements in the interests of our customer relationship.


When returning units for repair and maintenance work or calibration, please attach the decontamination declaration correctly and completely filled out to the outside of the package or send it to us. The form can be filled out in Reader and then printed out. We would like to point out that we cannot accept any responsibility for damaged equipment that is not properly packaged and recommend that you use the original packaging.

Declaration of decontamination

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