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GMS 141 Sampling System

GMS 141 gravimetric sampling system of oil concentrations at Blow-By oil mist separators

The GMS 141 gravimetric sampling system allows the comfortable detection of oil content in blow-by after oil mist separators with a flat sheet filter at engine test stands.
Gravimetric Measurement System GMS 141, front view
Gravimetric Measurement System GMS 141, front view
Oil mist separators must be improved to reach new engine exhaust reglementations. It is also designed to capture oil wall films for engine protection.

Oil mist separators are basic components of a crankcase ventilation system. They will be benchmarked after differential pressure and oil flow. For chosing a most suitable type of oil mist separator for a new type of engine these measurements are essential.
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  • time-saving reproducible detection of oil content or oil concentration
  • absolute filter as flat sheet media or cartridge filter possible
  • bypass section for stabilisation before sampling
  • automatic measurement stop after elapsed time or differential pressure increase
  • heated sample adapter for minimisation of condensate separation


  • gravimetric benchmark of oil mist separators for crank case ventilations in combustion engines by analytical determination of the blow-by oil content
  • calibration of aerosol generators
Parameter titleUnitValue
purpose of conditioning - aerosol sampling on heatable filter (max. 120 °C)
sample condition, outlet - loaded filter
operating medium, gas/air - compressed air supply bar 6
operating medium, aerosol L/min max. 300
operating medium, filter - filter sheets (Ø 110 mm) | filter cadridge (Ø 65 mm, 93 mm lenght)
sample condition, inlet - non-loaded filter
power supply - 110 ... 230 V AC, 3 × 200 W, 3 A
connector, compressed air - coupling plug NW 7,5
hose connector mm Ø 28 and Ø 32
communication interface - analogue and digital ports, conncetion to PC via TCP/IP
sensors, others - temperature sensors (optional flow rate sensor)
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 520 × 350 × 240
weight kg 14,0
  • PAP 612 Pocess Aerosol Photometer for wall film detection
  • BBT 143 Blow-by test system as combined measurement system
  • SPT 140 test system as compact laboratory test setup
  • PAP 610 Process Aerosol Photometer for optical concentration measurements

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