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ATM 240/S Aerosol Generator

Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 240/S for aerosol generation from liquids, compressed air operated, high mass flow rate, ideal for KCl aerosols acc. ISO 16890

The aerosol generator ATM 240/S was developed to produce aerosols from suspensions (e.g. salt solutions, sugar solutions) with high quantities of particles > 1 µm.
Atomizer Aerosol Generator KCL ATM 240/S, front view
Atomizer Aerosol Generator KCL ATM 240/S, front view
By operating the generator with aqueous potassium chloride suspensions (> 5 wt.-%), solid aerosols are formed that fulfil the requirements of ISO 16890-2 at moderate test flow rates up to 64 m³/h.


ISO 16890-2
VDI 3491-2
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  • stable aerosol generation over time according to VDI 3491-2
  • aerosols with high particle number concen-trations in the size range of 0.01 – 10 µm
  • compact, space-saving design with implemented aerosol dryer
  • fast operational readiness (short initial phase, easy to clean and maintain)


  • fractional air filter separation efficiency testing according to ISO 16890-2
  • calibration and validation of aerosol-analytical instruments
  • medical research on coarse salvia aerosols (mass median aerodynamic diameter MMAD up to 8 µm)

The aqueous suspension to be aerosolised (aerosol substance) is dispersed by a one-substance nozzle within the aerosol formation chamber of the ATM 240/S. The supplied liquid flow disintegrates and forms a broad distributed (polydisperse) droplet aerosol (primary aerosol). Due to inertia and gravitational settling, too large droplets leave immediately the primary aerosol after generation. A dry purge air flow, which is fed into the aerosol formation chamber, transports the remaining airborne droplets into the dip tube and initiates contemporaneous the process of droplet drying. To ensure a drying stable test aerosol, the aerosol passes prior leaving the generator an implemented drying section.

Parameter titleUnitValue
setting parameter - aerosol flow rate | relative pump power
setting range - 218 ... 230 L/h (aerosol flow rate) | 0 ... 100 % (relative pump power)
setting resolution continously adjustable
aerosol, particle size range µm 0,01 ... 10 (KCl)
operating medium, gas/air - dry, particle-free compressed air
operating medium, gas/air - compressed air supply bar max. 5 (0,5 m³/h)
operating medium, aerosol substance - solutions (NaCl, KCl, ...)
operating medium, aerosol substance - filling volume mL 100 ... 300
power supply - 110 ... 230 V AC; 50/60 Hz (incl. power adapter 24 V DC, 2 A)
hose connector, outlet mm Ø 13 (inner diameter)
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 900 × 400 × 300
weight kg 25.0
  • electrical aerosol neutralisation system (EAN 581) for particle discharge
  • laser aerosol spectrometer (e.g.: LAP 322, LAP 323, LAP 340) for determination of particle size and concentration