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PAM 510

Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510 for analysis of mean particle size and particle concentration in monodisperse aerosols

The Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510 determines in realtime the average particle size and number concentration in high-concentration, monodisperse aerosols.
Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510, frontal view
The Condensation Aerosol Generators SLG 270 from Topas produces monodisperse aerosols in the size range from 0,2 to 8 µm. Both particle size and particle concentration can be quickly adjusted.

The Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510 was developed for realtime measurement of the parameters mean particle size and particle number concentration. The instrument can directly be connected to the outlet of the SLG 270.

The system is also suitable for instrument calibration and aerosol research.
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  • simultaneous characterisation of particle number concentration and mean particle size
  • determination of particle number concentration is independent from refractive index of the aerosol particles
  • compact and robust design
  • wide working range


  • monitoring of aerosols
  • monitoring of aerosol generators

Particles of a highly concentrated aerosol streaming through a measuring cell where a light beam is crossed, cause light extinction. By measuring of average transmission and their fluctuation, the particle number concentration can be calculated independendly of the refractive index of the aerosol material to be analysed. Is the refractive index known, the average particle size can be computed simultaneously.

Parameter title Unit Value
measurand(s) - particle number concentration, mean particle size
measurement range, particle size µm 0,5 ... 10
measuring range, concentration #/cm³ 10'000 ... 10'000'000
volumetric flow rate, inlet L/min 0,1 ... 8
volumetric flow rate, purge air L/min 0,2
power supply - 12 V DC, 200 mA (via universal adapter)
communication interface - RS232
optical system - laser diode (wavelength 780 nm); 3 mW
environmental condition, max. counterpressure kPa 3
environmental condition, temperature °C 10 ... 50
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 235 × 200 × 60
weight kg 2,4
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