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FST 144 Test System

Test System FST 144 for the characterisation of the air flow velocity profile of components (e.g. tubes, filters)

At the FST 144 the air flow velocities between 1-40 m/s and turbulences in the outlet of flowed through units under test can be measured.
Flow Scan Tester FST 144, front viewFlow Scan Tester FST 144, front view
Flow Scan Tester FST 144, front viewFlow Scan Tester FST 144, front view
Through this, a good position for flow velocity measuring devices (for example MAFs) in flowed through parts (for example motor inlet filters) can be found easier, taking into consideration a range of air flow rates. The data created by the flow scanner can also be used to check models for flow simulation.
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  • wide range of air flow rates 20 ... 900 m³/h (expendable up to 1200 m³/h)
  • up to 100 hPa of pressure drop over unit under test and periphery (connectors, hoses)
  • fast data acquisition (turbulences) and graphic display of data


  • development of filter housings and air-ducting elements in general
  • comparison of models for flow simulation with measured values

Air is blown through the test specimen and the velocity field is measured on the downstream side with the aid of a hot-wire anemometer. This automatically scans a plane in the air outlet by means of a traversing device.

Parameter titleUnitValue
test flow rate m³/h 20 ... 900
air flow velocity m/s 1 ... 40
dimension of test specimen mm max. 485 × 600 ()
differential pressure of test specimen Pa
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 2500 × 2660 × 1300
weight kg approx. 550
  • hot wire anemometer set
  • picoscope (PC-oscilloscope)