Liquid Nebulizer / Aerosol Generators

ATM 243 -Heatable Oil Mist Generator

The heatable Aerosol Generator ATM 243 is a special development for testing oil mist separators. Its innovative design is protected by a utility model and the generated aerosols comply with the requirements regarding particle size (1..2 µm) and concentrations for testing oil mist separators. The design of this generator ensures a very constant particle size distribution and concentration while at the same time providing a high degree of reproducibility. The device features the possibility to adjust the temperature of the generated aerosols and can be used on a variety of oils. Depending on the type of oil and the pressure of the carrier gas various mass flow rates can be adjusted for a set working temperature.
  • Very stable particle size distributions and concentrations
  • Generates polydisperse test aerosol with a mean particle size of 1 .. 2 µm
  • Very high aerosol particle concentration and particle mass flow
  • Adjustable and regulated aerosol temperature
  • Selectively enabling of 1 to 3 nozzles
  • Mass output adjustable via nozzle pressure and nozzle quantity
  • Particle size distribution changeable via nozzle pressure and aerosol temperature
  • Pressure-restistant up to 0.3 bar

The oil is atomised via three two-component jet nozzles which are located under a baffle plate. The carrier gas and the oil are heated in the nozzle block to the set temperature.

Particle material Motor oil
Particle concentration >108 Particles/cm3
Particle size (median value d50,3) 1…2 µm*
Maximum counter pressure 3 x 104 Pa (4.35 psi)
Aerosol outlet Diam. 24 mm
Maximum filling amount 3 l
Temperature range of test aerosol 20 °C…130 °C
Flow rate 0.8…18 m³/h
Examples for mass flow 5…110 g/h
(at 80…130 °C, carrier gas pressure 0.3…4 bar; motor oil 0W30) 1…90 g/h
(at 80…130 °C, carrier gas pressure 0.3…4 bar; motor oil 15W40)
Compressed air supply 100… 600 kPa (14… 87 psi)
Power supply 240 V AC/50 Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 530 mm x 650 mm x 710 mm
Weight 52 kg
*depending on particle material (viscosity)