Research and Development
Filter Test Stands / Complete Filters

FST 144 - FST 144 Flow Scan Tester

At the FST 144 the air flow velocities between 1-40 m/s and turbulences in the outlet of flowed through units under test can be measured. Through this, a good position for flow velocity measuring devices (for example MAFs) in flowed through parts (for example motor inlet filters) can be found easier, taking into consideration a range of air flow rates. The data created by the flow scanner can also be used to check models for flow simulation.

  • Wide range of air flow rates 20-900 m³/h (possible up to 1200 m³/h)
  • Up to 100 hPa of pressure drop over unit under test and periphery (connectors, hoses)
  • Fast data acquisition (turbulences) and graphic display of data
  • Development of filter housings and air-ducting elements in general
  • Comparison of models for flow simulation with measured values
  • Hot wire anemometer set
  • Picoscope (PC-oscilloscope)

Air is blown through the test specimen and the velocity field is measured on the downstream side with the aid of a hot-wire anemometer. This automatically scans a plane in the air outlet by means of a traversing device.

dilution factor: max. 100 hPa
pressure drop: 20-900 m³/h
filter category: max. 485mm x 600mm
flow rate: 1-40 m/s
dimensions (w x h x d): 250 x 266 x 130 cm
weight: 550 kg