Aerosol Spectrometer / Particle Counter / Photometer

PAM 510 -Process Aerosol Monitor

The Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510 determines in realtime the average particle size and number concentration in high-concentration, monodisperse aerosols.

The Condensation Aerosol Generators SLG 250/270 from Topas produce such monodisperse aerosols in the size range from 0.2 to 8 µm. Both particle size and particle concentration to be generated can be quickly adjusted. The Process Aerosol Monitor PAM 510 was developed for realtime measurement of the parameters mean particle size and particle number concentration. The instrument can directly be connected to the outlet of the aerosol generator series SLG. The system is well suitable for instrument calibration and aerosol research.

  • Highly innovative instrument for online measurements of aerosols
  • Simultaneous determination of particle size as well as particle number concentration
  • Particle concentration is determined independendly of the refractive index (extinction coefficient)
  • Wide measuring range (104…107 particle/cm3, 0.5…10 µm)
  • Serial interface to computer available
  • Continuous control of aerosols
  • Monitoring of aerosol generators / aerosol generation


Particles of a highly concentrated aerosol streaming through a measuring cell where a light beam is crossed, cause light extinction.
By measuring of average transmission and their fluctuation, the particle number concentration can be calculated independendly of the refractive index of the aerosol material to be analysed.
With the known refractive index the calculation of an average particle size can be performed simultaneously.


Principle Light extinction measuring setup with transmission and fluctuation analysis (online measurement)
cle size range 0.5…10 µm
Particle concentration range 104…107 Particle/cm3
Power supply 12 V/DC, 200 mA (AC adapter)
Light source 3 mW, =780 nm, laser diode
Microprocessor TMPZ84C015 (Toshiba)
Sample flowrate 10 l/h…500 l/h
Sheath air flowrate 12 l/h
Counter pressure max. 3 kPa (30 mbar)
Dimensions 200 mm x 235 mm x 60 mm
Weight 2.4 kg