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Air filter testing with Topas technology in China

Satisfied faces at our customers and our partner Beijing Aero-Tech Co., Ltd.: A PAF 112 for testing gas adsorptionof automotive cabin air filters and an AFC 131 for characterizing cleanable filter media according to VDI 3926-2 have just been successfully installed at Dongguan Helsha Filter Co, Ltd. The manufacturer of automotive filters with a focus on cabin air filters is now relying on our testing technologies for the first time. The PAF 112 comes with a new complex type of gas dosing while the AFC 131 is designed for multiple test procedures. We are also very pleased about the planned installation of both test systems at the well-established South China University of Technology, with whom we maintain a long-standing customer relationship. Here, the testing technologies will be used for research in the newly built university laboratories. We look forward to further joint work, many successful installations and even more satisfied customers in the Asian market, David!

Customers from China in front of filter test system PAF 112 and AFC 131, on the left side overview product portfolio customer