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SYS 520 Switching Unit

Sample Switching Unit SYS 520 for sampling aerosol samples from to two sample location

The Sample Switching Unit SYS 520 has been developed for the determination of fractional separation efficiencies of filters or filter media at two different sampling points, that is before and after the filter.
Sample Switching Unit SYS 520, frontal view Sample Switching Unit SYS 520 combined with LAP unit
This task can be realized with the sample switching unit SYS 520 with only one particle size analyzer economically and reproducible. With the switching unit an automated and safe exchange between the measurement of sampling lines I, II and a sampling line of a purge routine is possible (using the integrated HEPA filter).
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  • protection against to high particle loading of the particle measuring device by temporal limitation of sample flow
  • sampling at difficult to access areas


  • aerosol analyses at two different sampling point by switching the sample line
  • determination of separation efficiency of filters
Parameter title Unit Value
purpose of use - aerosol sampling from two different positions
sample condition, outlet - aerosol from position 1, position 2 or purging
power supply - 24 V DC (via power adapter)
hose line, material - Tygon silicone (sampling) | PVC (purging)
hose line, dimensions - Ø 4,7 × Ø 3,4 (Tygon silicone) | Ø 6,0 × Ø 4,0 (PVC)
communication interface - 3 pin (for LAP 32X)
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 160 × 210 × 130
weight kg 1,9