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FCS 248 Fotometer Calibration System

Fotometer-Calibration-System FCS 248 for aerosol generation from liquids, ideal for calibration of aerosol fotometers and particle counters

The FCS 248 Fotometer-Calibration-System generates stable and reproducible test aerosols for calibration of photometers and particle counters.
Fotometer Calibration System FCS 248, front view
Fotometer Calibration System FCS 248, front view
The calibration is based on the comparison of three devices to be calibrated. The centerpiece is a special aerosol generator, which is controlled by additional instrumentation. As an aerosol substance DEHS is used. The atomization of the aerosol substance is made using special two-fluid nozzles. By an adjustable carrier air flow and precise needle valves, the particle concentration can be varied over a wide range.
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  • particle concentration adjustable over a wide range (DEHS)
  • carrier air flow up to 100 L/min
  • compact housing for mobile use
  • battery operation possible
  • possibility to connect up to three devices to be calibrated


Parameter titleUnitValue
setting parameter system pressure | type of nozzle | quantity of nozzles
setting range - max. 6 bar (system pressure) | small resp. large nozzle (type of nozzle) | individual or combined (nozzle quantity)
setting method - manual
aerosol, volumetric flow rate L/h 1200 ... 6000
aerosol, concentration g/m³ max. 1
operating medium, gas/air - dry, particle-free compressed air
operating medium, gas/air - compressed air supply bar max. 6
operating medium, aerosol substance - liquids (DEHS, ...), solutions (NaCl, KCl, ...), suspensions (PSL, ...)
operating medium, aerosol substance - filling volume mL 200 ... 500
power supply - 24 V DC (incl. power adapter or battery)
other - 3 ports for units under test + 1 port for reference device
hose connector, outlet for units under test mm Ø 6 (outer diameter) , Ø 3 (inner diameter)
hose connector, outlet for exhaust mm Ø 16 (outer diameter), Ø 14 (inner diameter)
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 300 × 550 × 250
weight kg 15

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FCS 249 Field Calibration System for aerosol generation from liquids, best for calibration of condensation particle counters and electrical aerosol monitors

Field Calibration System FCS 249, i.e., an aerosol generator for the production of calibration aerosols, frontside
detail view