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EMS 755

Electromagnetic Sieve Vibrator EMS 755 for finest grain sieving of dry powders (dry sieving) or suspensions (wet sieving)

The Electromagnetic Sieve Vibrator EMS 755 has been developed for microsieving process optimization.
Electro Magnetic Sieve Vibrator EMS 755, frontal view Angle of repose measurement of a white powder with EMS 755
Studies of microsieving have shown that in addition to the ultrasonic energy used for the process also the mechanical energy contributes to the microsieving process optimization in the form of horizontal vibrations. One important feature of this development is the simplicity of changing the sieves. At the stand the device can easily be positioned at any distance to the ground.

It is possible to use additional energy e.g. ultrasonic energy with the Ultrasonic Disintegrator UDS 751/UP 200S which can be mounted onto the stand too. Furthermore the EMS 755 can easily be used together with a standard wire cloth sieve to disperse dry powder systems (bulk analysis).
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  • decreasing time of sieving, especially for particle sizes below 20 µm (wet sieving)
  • analysis of large sample volumes
  • effective selectivity due to optimised oscillation


  • generation of particle size fractionats by sieving
  • suitable for wet sieving
  • suitable for powder feeding

The EMS 755 consists of a sieve clamp, an oscillation system and a special control module for setting the amplitude. The sieve clamp is firmly connected to the armature which is resiliently coupled with an oscillator coil. By means of the electronic control module the field tension of the oscillator coil can be changed and thus the intensity of the magnetic field controlled This modifies the amplitude of the sieve clamp in horizontal direction. In addition to the horizontal movement the suspension of the oscillator part ensures a vertical oscillating movement. This causes the remaining larger particles in the sieve openings to be released and the sieve itself to be opened again.

The adjusted intensity by means of the control module determines the mechanical energy acting on the sieve. An additional power switch guarantees an interruption as well as a re-start of the EMS 755 with the same intensity as far as the intensity had not been changed before at the control module. The EMS 755 can be mounted onto the stand (diameter 15 mm) by means of the integrated stand clamp which can easily be positioned at any distance to the ground. The device can easily be handled, conveniently be operated and shows a high stability and reproducibility of the oscillator intensity.

Parameter title Unit Value
frequency of mechanical oscillation Hz 100
setting resolution - continously variable
setting range % 0 ... 100
setting parameter - oscillation amplitude
power supply - 230 V AC, 50 Hz
environmental condition, temperature °C 10 ... 50
connector - sieve clamp for analytical sieves (75 mm)
power consumption W < 100
dimensions (w × h × d) mm 140 × 70 × 270 (EMS); 70 × 180 × 130 (electronic); 200 × 480 × 320 (tripod)
weight kg 3,1 (without tripod); 3,7 (with tripod)