Topas GmbH
Gasanstaltstraße 47
D-01237 Dresden

Tel:     +49 (351) 2166 430
Fax:    +49 (351) 2166 4355

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Company History of Topas GmbH

  • With 23 new employees since the beginning of the year, we are responding to orders from our global customers. With 89 highly motivated TOPAS employees, we now have a strong team at our disposal.
  • Completion of the new building and relocation. This results in substantial improvements for all employees as well as a modernization of our warehousing.
  • Start of construction and topping out ceremony for our new location in close vicinity
  • New development: aerosol generator ATM 240/L for Latex aerosols and ATM 240/S for KCL aerosols
  • TDC 584 – IPA Conditioning Cabinet for testing Air Filters according to ISO 16890-4
  • Recertification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Development of new test concepts with support from the European Social Fund
  • Serial production of filter test systems
  • Expansion of the production area at company location Dresden,
    New developments: 
    Automated Test Rig for Liquid Filters according to ISO 4020,
  • Calibration System for Aerosol Photometers and Particle Counters FCS 248,
    Dilution System for automated adjustment of dilution ratio 
    DIL 540
  • Awarded the Seal of Research 2014/2015 of the Donors’ Association for German Science
  • New Aerosol Generators ATM 221 and ATM 231 especially with high precision adjustability of low mass flows
  • New gravimetric and photometric blow-by measuring systems GMS 141PAP 610PAP 612
  • Extension of equipment for clean room validation with novel Fog Generator FCS 248 and Validation Software CRQWin Commissioning of the 100th filter test stand
  • Commissioning of the 100th filter testing system
  • Successful introduction of a new Dust Disperser for PURAL NF SAG 410/U,
  • Devices for protection grade measurement of OP-rooms acc. to DIN 1946-4 ADD 536,
  • Manual Filter Scanning Test System for HEPA/ULPA filters AFS 152
  • Enlargement and relocation of the headquarters,
    Dresden, Oskar-Röder-Str. 12  topas_firmengebaeude
  • Further development of Filter Test Rig acc. to EN 779 & ASHRAE 52.2 ALF 114,
  • New principle of single-stage aerosol dilution HDS 561
  • Newly developed measuring instrument for ultrafine particulate matter
    (project financed by EU LIFE-Programme)
  • Topas GmbH was awarded an appreciation within the competition
    “Innovation Award of Saxony 2007” for the optical process particle sensor PMP 694
  • Special Clean Room Validation Instrumentation Series:
  • Aerosol Generator ATM 226, Aerosol Dilution System DIL 554
  • Dust Disperser for ISO 5011 tests SAG 420
  • Automated Sedimentometer USS 791
  • Development of an Automated Filter Scanning Test System
    according to EN 1822-4 AFS 150
  • Test Rig for Leak Test DHP 145
  • Electrostatic Aerosol Neutralizer EAN 581, ASHRAE Dust Disperser SAG 440
  • Filter Test Rig for Oil Mist Separators SPT 140
  • Device for determination of pore size distributions and bubble point PSM 165
  • Certification of quality management system of the company
    according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Installation of glass blower workshop
  • Movement into new facilities, Dresden, Wilischstr. 1
  • Filter test rigs for fractional efficiencies of particle filters
  •  Innovation Award for the Condensation Aerosol Generator series SLG
  • Design Award for the Condensation Aerosol Generator series SLG
  • Federal Ministry of Research awards a grant to support highly innovative enterprises
  • November: Company founded

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