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RFU 564 -Regulated Flow Unit

The Regulated Flow Unit RFU 564 was developed to provide variable adjustable and time-stable air flow rates for both under pressure (intake mode) and over pressure operation (supply mode).

Most aerosol analytical tasks for characterisation and testing require the supply or removal of defined air flow rates. Especially for frequently varying needs, users of aerosol technologies are confronted by the challenge to modify or design new test setups. For that matter, the process air flow respectively the main air flow is of fundamental importance to adjust required analytical parameters. Furthermore, the use of the Regulated Flow Unit RFU 564 reduces the need for numerous test stand components (blowers, pipes, valves, flow meters, filters). Accordingly, the installation of aerosol analytical test setups becomes easier and faster.

  • regulated air flow generation to compensate changes in pressure conditions
  • simple and fast start up via touch screen or serial interface
  • compact design (ideal for mobile operation and on-table use)
  • generation of well-defined air flow rates in test setups
  • conditioning of aerosols (homogenisation, dilution, transport)
  • dilution of environmental, process and test aerosols by external air supply
  • preparation of particle-free environments (purging, evacuation), e.g., in isolators

Air is drawn in at the inlet of the RFU 564 via a controlled side channel blower and passed through a high-performance filter (HEPA filter). Air flow regulation is based on a flow sensor that analyses continuously the excess air flow.

setting parameter air flow rate in l/min
setting range 0 … 100 l/min
setting resolution 1 l/min
set up time < 1 min
operating medium air, nitrogen
hose connector 11 mm (inner diameter)
PC interface RS232 (M9 IP67, 5 pole)
power supply 24 V DC (adaptor)
power consumption £ 23 W
noise emission LpA ≤ 75 dB(A) ± 3 dB(A)
dimensions (w × h × d) 300 × 200 × 140 mm
weight 3,9 kg