Reduction of car emissions: new TOPAS filter element test system for production control of gasoline particle filters (GPF)

With the new AFC 136 Filter-Element-Test System, Topas is able to reliably and quickly test gasoline particulate filters (GPF). Such ceramic car exhaust filters are state of the art for diesel cars for decades already, but are used since a few years for gasoline engines as well. 24/7 production testing is done within a 30s cycle time including differential pressure drop and fractional efficiency test. The reliable test system operation and test result documentation, simple sample and software handling, rapid test times and the applicability for different types of GPFs are the outstanding features of the Topas innovation. We have learned a lot for this new project from our customers the last ten years doing more than 50 global installations of AFC 13x air filter production testers. We are pleased about the market launch of this innovative AFC 136 test rig in comparison with two deliveries to Europe and Asia in the beginning of 2021. Read more in the product data sheet.